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The leading media intelligence powerhouse in the Nordics

Infomedia translates the chaotic media landscape into insights that strengthen the strategic initiatives of our clients across business areas, markets, and borders.

Our offerings

People, comprehensive data and advance technology are the ingredients in our solutions. We offer what it takes to navigate a complex media landscape. Locally, regionally and globally.


Award-winning solutions

We are particularly pleased when our solutions are recognized for their results. Here is an overview of Infomedia solutions that have been awarded for the impact they create.

We make communication change the world

Communication can overthrow regimes, determine choices, and create iconic brands. The right communication, at the right time, and in the right place can win market share, manifest a brand, increase revenue and minimize risk.

But with 350,000 tweets per minute, 30,000 hours of new YouTube videos per hour, and over 2 million new online articles every day, it has never been harder to keep track, and at the same time, never been easier to measure incorrectly.

Infomedia is the strategic partner that translates the chaotic media landscape into overviews, insights and advice, that create action and results.

Our History

From scissors and envelopes to apps and AI

We are a media intelligence powerhouse. Every single day we trawl though hundreds of thousands of media, and find more than 3 million editorial articles that we deliver to more than 100,000 companies and organizations around the globe. 

We were first in the Nordics to digitize the traditional press clipping. From scissors and brown envelopes in physical mailboxes to delivering media monitoring digitally via email, apps, and portals.

Today, the daily monitoring email is complemented by advanced dashboards, comprehensive analytics, AI technologies and experienced analysts and consultants who can translate the many insights to actions, enabling our customers to create great outcomes.

Our enormous quantities of media data, new technologies and experienced specialists make us a leading, benchmark-setting player in the market, and a preferred strategic partner for our clients.


Data + Technology + Brains

Using an abundance of data, advanced technology and experienced specialists, we monitor and interpret everything that is said and written, in all media, around the globe.

Comprehensive data

We crawl hundreds of thousands of media every day and have huge amounts of data from media.

New digital technology

We started out using scissors and envelopes. Today, our work is 100% digital and involves Artificial Intelligence

Clever brains

We are 250 clever brains across four offices throughout the Nordics. Together, we help some of the largest organizations

Group Management

Thomas Vejlemand

+45 31 37 30 25

Kate Wichmann

+45 30 24 52 62

Niels Bache Larsen

Chief Operating Officer
+45 26 81 10 28

Dennis Mølgaard

Country Manager, Denmark
+45 81 88 23 06

Therese Mohn

Country Manager, Norway
+47 400 64 640

Jaakko Haarala

Country Manager, Finland

Hanna Bergholm

Country Manager, Sweden
+46 70 18 65 218

Anders Uttrup

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
+45 30 94 88 95

Karina Walhovd

Director, People & Organization
+45 25 60 67 65

Simon Ernst-Sunne

Chief Product Officer
+45 24 91 11 54


Infomedia is owned by JP/Politikens Hus and Berlingske Media. Both are some of the leading media companies in the Nordics. Together, they are behind a large number of news media publishers, weekly newspapers, and niche media.


Infomedia is 100% owner of Opoint, which is the world’s leading provider of online news data and global news monitoring technology. Via Opoint, we provide both global online news monitoring and a global media archive with more than 7 billion news articles from more than 178,000 news media across the globe.

Our offices



Infomedia A/S
Pilestræde 55, 3. sal
1112 København K

+45 88 77 33 00



Infomedia A/S
Søndergade 44
8000 Aarhus C

+45 88 77 33 00



Infomedia Sweden AB
Lästmakargatan 13,
111 44 Stockholm

+46 20 150 050



Infomedia Norge AS
Stortorvet 10
0155 Oslo

+47 21 56 97 50



Infomedia OÜ
Lõõtsa 8,
11415 Tallinn




Infomedia Finland Oy
c/o Kraftvaerk Finland Oy
Lintulahdenkatu 10, 5th floor
00500 Helsinki



Award-winning solutions

We are particularly pleased when our solutions are recognized for their results. Here is an overview of Infomedia solutions that have been awarded for the impact they create.

Global partnerships

AMEC is the international association for the measurement and evaluation of communication that represents organizations and professionals, who provide media evaluation and communication research. AMEC has more than 160 members in 86 countries worldwide, including Infomedia.

FIBEP is the world media intelligence association with more than 130 company members representing over 60 nations, including Infomedia. The Association and its members focus on solutions within media monitoring, media analytics, PR distribution and journalist databases, alongside consultancy services and SaaS platforms.

All companies have a responsibility to create a more sustainable future. Including Infomedia. This is why we are part of the UN Global Compact, where along with more than 10,000 other companies. We take our social responsibility seriously.

The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) is an association representing organizations owned or controlled by publishers, who license or supply newspaper, magazine and web material for media monitoring, press clippings and press audit services. PDLN has 27 members in 23 countries. Including Infomedia.