Social Media Listening with Talkwalker

Talkwalker’s social media listening and analytics platform is for those who take extra care of their reputation. The platform covers the most advanced needs for monitoring your mentions across social media.

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Listen to the conversations about your brand on social media

Using Talkwalker’s social listening and analytical tools, you get real time insight into what is happening on all social channels and online media across 187 languages.

Listen to conversations

Listen to conversations about your brand, products, and campaigns on social media. Listen to text, images and videos across social networks.

Spot the new trends

Discover top stories, find themes, and explore the topics that are occupying your target audiences. Understand, what drives the conversations, so that you can participate in them.

Get to know your audience

Look into the data, and get to know your target audiences. With Talkwalker, you will get insight into what concerns your customers, stakeholders and influencers.

Protect your reputation

Your reputation is affected by the way in which you are talked about. Use Talkwalker to listen, so you can target your communication, and be on top of your reputation.

Measure your initiatives

Measure, optimize, and document your initiatives using the advanced features of Talkwalker. Collect everything into one dashboard, or have reports sent to you covering different needs.

Integrate data

Integrate data from your website, or other relevant data, and get a deeper insight into how your social media initiatives impact your success.

For both PR & Communication, Digital Marketing and Analytics

The internet abounds with buzz about your organization, spokespeople, and products. With Talkwalker, you can both listen and analyze, to facilitate more precise targeting of your messaging.

Global coverage

Where in the world are people talking about you? On which channels? And in which languages?

Reach & Engagement

How far does your content travel? And engage the recipients?

Message Pull-Through

Is your messaging getting through to the right target audiences?


What do customers think about your brand, products, content, and messaging?

Share of Voice

How much do your target audiences talk about you, compared to your competitors?

Web Traffic

How much traffic do your campaigns drive to the website?

From social media monitoring to social media insights


Analyze social media, blogs, forums, and online news media in one single platform, and get the most complete, global coverage of earned and owned media in 187 languages. Take a look at the data yourself and compile relevant dashboards, or let us help you get the data you need into a format that can be used by both you, and your management.


Use the millions of Talkwalker data points to gain insight into new trends, your target audience, your products, or your company reputation – or get new ideas and inspiration for content or campaigns. Discover what people are thinking, buying or saying, and rapidly discover new market potentials – all presented visually and logically.


With Talkwalker Quick Search you’ll get a quick overview of what is happening on social media and other digital channels. Get important key figures such as engagement, volume, moods, themes, influencers, demographics, and geographic locations. Use Talkwalker Quick Search to strengthen your brand and communications insight, so you can design, measure, and optimize your messaging.

FREE tools

Talkwalker Alert is the best free, and easiest alternative to Google Alerts. With Talkwalker Alerts , you can follow relevant keywords, and get email notifications when something new happens. Find new interesting content about your brand, competitors, events or favorite topics, and get ahead of the competition.

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We implement your Talkwalker solution, so the platform supports your challenges – and we will make sure that everyone receives the necessary training.

Business case

Regardless of whether you measure success by mentions, messaging, or customer satisfaction, Talkwalker can help measure the right KPIs, so you’ll know when you are successful.


We map your workflows, so Talkwalker can streamline and optimize work on social media across the whole organization.


We have successfully implemented Talkwalker in both private and public organizations. We will teach and train you, and your team, in the many features available.

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Talkwalker’s social listening and analytics platform is for those who take extra care of their reputation. Book a demo and experience the platform’s advanced monitoring of your social channels.