Monitor and analyze conversations with our Social Media Listening Tool

Social media listening lets you to monitor all the conversations about your organization, spokespersons, and products on social media. It gives you an overview and allows you to better manage your reputation.


Get full insight into your mentions
with a social listening tool


Reduce risk by listening to conversations

We monitor everything said and written about everything you want to know. This gives you an overview and insight into your surroundings and reduces your risk.

Manage your reputation

Boost your reputation by engaging in public debate

Your reputation is worth more than gold and it is increasingly influenced by the media. Stay informed so you can act and react.


Spot new trends with a social listening tool

With the right software for social media listening, you can discover new opportunities for your communication or business in general.


Drive growth with insights into conversations

Once you have insight into what is going on in your surroundings, you can more easily make decisions and find the path to growth in your market.

Measure important KPIs and document your social media mentions

Measure, document, and optimize your efforts based on data and insights from social media. Gather all the information in one dashboard or create your own custom reports.

Global Coverage

Where in the world are people talking about you? On which social channels? And in which languages?

Reach & Engagement

How far does your content reach? And does it engage the recipients?

Message Pull-Through

Is your messaging getting through to the right target audiences?


What do customers think about your brand, products, content, and messaging?

Share of Voice

How much do your target audiences talk about you, compared to your competitors?

Web Traffic

How much traffic does your social content and campaigns drive to your website?


Infomedia’s digital platform covers all your essential needs

Infomedia’s platform gives you access to both social media listening and analytics as well as monitoring of editorial media in one integrated solution. In our program, you can quickly assess a mention’s risk or potential through the key figures that we assign to your mentions.


Talkwalker's platform covers even the most advanced needs

With Talkwalker’s software for social media listening and analytics, you get real-time insight into what’s happening on all social channels and online media across 187 languages. If you are a large company or organization, Talkwalker handles even your most advanced needs for social listening and analysis.

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