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Get a custom tailored overview of news and online mentions

Get a quick overview of media coverage and statistics, and search through relevant press clippings via your personal profile. You have access 24/7 via PC, smartphone, and tablet.

Get rid of the noise - We give you a tailored comprehensive view

Your media monitoring is always matched to your requirements for relevant media coverage. We set up a tailored search strand which ensures that you get exactly the news that are relevant to you. Not too many and not too few.

Wide range of partners

We have cooperation agreements with a wide range of Danish media outlets. That gives you the best starting point when we assemble your media monitoring. This way, you can be sure to get all of the relevant media coverage.

Acces via web or app

And the best thing about it is that you can access your media coverage through a daily email, portal or app.

Organise your articles and document your effort

Get a quick comprehensive view with our statistics tool. It enables you to view your media coverage in graphics.

Filter as needed

You can see your news sorted by journalist, media type or search within a specific time period. You also have the option to organise selected articles in folders.

Organize content

 You can save content across the profiles in your media monitoring, enabling you to maintain a comprehensive view of subjects or campaigns. You can share the folders with others in your organisation.

While you are sleeping, we keep track of the news for you

We cover the majority of all Danish media outlets, and via our network of foreign collaborators we have the strongest coverage of foreign media in Denmark.

Check the press coverage of the day on your phone over your morning coffee

Get your most relevant coverage delivered by email in the morning, so you can have a comprehensive view from the start and react proactively to the media coverage of the day.

Your media monitoring is accessible 24/7 all year round

You can always follow your media coverage in your personal portal or in our app. You just need access to the internet to have all of your media monitoring in one place.

Media Monitoring - Pricing

You can choose between two solutions: Subcription or Fixed price. See prices and features below.

Always included in subscription
Access to online portal Infomedia Insight Yes
Acess to statistics in Infomedia Insight Yes
Unlimited collections in Infomedia Insight Yes
Daily update mail delivered at 9 am. Yes
10 user licenses Yes
Setup (one-time fee) 975 DKK
Subscription media monitoring 975 DKK / MONTH
Subscription radio & tv monitoring 425 DKK / MONTH
All prices are listed excl. VAT.
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