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Gain an overview and insight into the entire media landscape. Our media monitoring offers the most comprehensive coverage available, helping you stay informed about what’s relevant to you.


Our media monitoring software
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global media landscape

Minimize risk

Insight into media coverage reduces your risk

We keep track of everything that is said and written about everything you want to know. This gives you an overview and insight into your surroundings and reduces your risk.

Manage your reputation

Stay informed and manage your reputation in the media

Your reputation is worth its weight in gold and it is increasingly influenced by the media. To be able to act and react, you need to stay informed.


Spot new trends and opportunities

With our media monitoring and notifications, you can get new inspiration and spot new opportunities for your communication or business.


Deep market insight is the path to growth

Once you have insight into what is going on in your world, you can make decisions with greater ease and find the path to growth in your market.

Use cases

Media monitoring
is valuable for everyone

Media monitoring and analyses has traditionally served the needs of PR and communications professionals. However, media monitoring can provide business opportunities beyond the scope of PR and communications and be useful to many other departments.

Here you can read more about how media monitoring and media data create value for various departments within a company or organization.

PR and Communication Managers need to stay on top of the news in order to keep management and the board informed about critical matters in the media. Their work therefore requires monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing their communication and reputation. They may also need to identify media organizations and journalists who write about certain topics or find relevant stakeholders – not just locally, regionally, and nationally, but also internationally, and often across print, web, social media, TV, radio, and podcast media.

PR and Communication professionals also increasingly need to monitor mentions on the deep web and the dark web. This is especially due to increasing digitization and globalization, which means that mentions or stories which start digitally or on social media can spread to other media groups at an unprecedented rate.

In small and medium-sized companies, marketing managers are usually responsible for both digital and social channels as well as PR and Communication. They need to understand markets, target groups, and media to learn which content and messages work and which do not.

Keeping track of company, product, and campaign mentions is a must for marketing, and why a media monitoring solution is invaluable. The marketing department needs tools to listen to social media mentions and conversations, which provides insight into how their target audience perceives the company and its products.

Intelligent use of media monitoring offers great potential for business development and sales.

For example, if you are a company that offers cleaning solutions to large companies and organizations, you can monitor particular words that indicate new sales opportunities. These might include the construction of new company headquarters, public institutions, and so on.

The sales manager can thus receive summaries of new contact opportunities and identify potential sales ahead of the competition. Monitoring mentions of your key customers in the media can help you stay one step ahead in your communication with them.

Media monitoring is essential for enabling management to monitor reputation, manage market communication, manage internal communication, prevent crises and navigate through crises when they arise.

The aim is to identify the most important strategic agendas, key people, core messages and to monitor their mentions across media, countries, regions, brands, and business entities. Far from all the daily media coverage is of interest to the management and board of directors. But when the publicity is either particularly good or bad, interest increases significantly.

Designing and developing the best products on the market requires an overview of trends among the target groups, an overview of new technology within production methods, and much more.

This also requires an overview of their competitors’ and new market players’ activities. Global monitoring of keywords, such as competitors’ products and specific keywords for the industry in editorial media as well as on social media, is therefore invaluable for research and trend spotting.

Media monitoring and communication analysis can help HR managers understand changes in the company’s reputation and thus the ability to attract talent. But the potential of media monitoring is far greater than this.

Media monitoring can be useful for identifying hard-to-find talents within particular specialist areas. By monitoring media, blogs, forums, and social media for specific keywords, HR may be able to find the needle in the haystack more effectively than any recruitment agency. Those responsible for recruitment can also use media monitoring to fact-check new employees and their reputation in previous jobs.

For agencies and consultants, it’s essential to always be in touch with the clients and understand their challenges in day-to-day work.

By monitoring keywords, spokespersons, and themes across various media channels, consultants can identify changes in the market and pick up on relevant cases or debates in the media. This allows advice and strategies to be continuously adapted, increasing quality and customer satisfaction.

In the public sector, communication takes place and is measured by slightly different premises than in the business world. Public trust is essential to operations, and the ability to measure that trust is nearly equally important.

Through media monitoring, public organizations can keep track of what’s being said and written about them and adapt their communication and policies according to the needs and concerns of the public. It is also a valuable tool in the event of a crisis; with a media monitoring solution in place, public organizations can handle situations and communication faster and more effectively.

A good news alert has to be fast and able to pick out the most relevant news amid all the media noise, and Infomedia does just that. That makes the service valuable for both the communications department and management.

Martin Blomgren, Group Press and Media Relations manager, Sandvik AB


Full media coverage gives you the most accurate overview

Infomedia offers the market’s most comprehensive media coverage giving you the most accurate overview of the media landscape. Contact us and get a demo of our media monitoring software and solutions.









We cover the entire media landscape

We offer the widest coverage of the entire media landscape. Across print, web, social, radio, podcast, and television. In the Nordic countries and the world.

Even behind paywalls

We go in-depth and pick up all your mentions down to the smallest detail. Even behind paywalls and other obstacles. This provides a complete overview every day.

New technology ensures the highest precision

We deliver on your terms and sort out irrelevant information via our unique search technologies and AI algorithms, giving you high flexibility and great precision.


Global media monitoring statistics and reporting in one digital platform


Everything you need to get an overview of your business and the world around you

Get notified on your mobile device as soon as you are mentioned, get updated every morning with a daily email, or get a complete overview in our media monitoring software.

Search across your media mentions

Easily browse news articles

Set up your own search profiles

See key figures for your performance

See statistics for your mentions

Mark all your mentions with tags and sentiment

Easily filter searches on mentions

Create your own reports

Create alerts and news emails

Get notified

We deliver all your media coverage by email, on mobile, and via our monitoring portal.

See all your mentions

You can easily find all your mentions via the various search profiles and keywords you have chosen.

Share with colleagues

Share news with colleagues, management, and others interested in getting an overview of your media coverage.

Create reports

Categorize your reviews and quickly and easily create your own custom reports.

Get statistics and insights

Get statistics for all your mentions and get an even deeper insight into the effect of your communication.

Global Media Monitoring

Need to monitor your media mentions globally?

Infomedia offers automated media monitoring of all media in the world.

We are the world’s leading provider of media monitoring for online news media, and we monitor +230,000 media and find more than 4 billion articles from every corner of the internet daily.

Bring your media monitoring everywhere and get updates in real time

We make it easy for you to stay organized on the go.

Our easy-to-use app gives you a quick overview of all your mentions in media, real-time notifications, and lots of new ways to manage and share news content and insights.

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