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Infomedia helps companies and organizations achieve greater success through the intelligent use of data, new digital technologies, and deep insight into media and communication.

Our offerings

People, comprehensive data and advance technology are the ingredients in our solutions. We offer what it takes to navigate a complex media landscape. Locally, regionally and globally.

How we can help you

Every day, comprehensive data, advanced technology and the best people in the industry help companies and organizations create good outcomes. We can also do that for you.

Communications managers have an increasing need to monitor, analyze and optimize communication. Locally, regionally, nationally and globally. In print, on the internet, social media, TV, radio, podcasts – and yes, even on dark web

Infomedia has the biggest ears in media monitoring and intercepts everything that is said and written about your brand, your competitors, your industry – as well as all the other things that affect the position and reputation of your company. We ensure that you are always the first to know, so you stay at the forefront and can optimize your communication.

Everyone in a position responsible for marketing and digital channels needs to understand their markets, audiences, and media – and to gain insight into what works and what doesn’t work. Infomedia combines advanced AI technology and digital tools with analysts and consultants, all ready to find answers.

Acquire important knowledge about who, when, where, and how customer segments respond to your products, brands, and campaigns. In this way, you can create content and messaging based on facts rather than gut feeling – and reach goals faster.

Maybe media monitoring and media analytics can do something special for sales managers? The short answer is YES. The right search terms combined with advanced search algorithms, can help you identify new business opportunities and generate leads.

Daily media monitoring keeps your sales team updated on new opportunities, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition. And media analytics can provide additional insight into relevant markets.

Want to see it before you will believe it? We want to show you how.

Communication and management go hand-in-hand. Senior management with the right tools to communicate and insight into the effect of communication, will have greater clout than others. Our analytics and consultancy services are designed to support senior management in understanding how communication changes the company environment – and ultimately its position and reputation.

Together, we will identify strategic agendas, key people, core messaging and arch-rivals. We will also establish the right KPIs across countries, regions, brands and business units.

Infomedia services extend across both enormous quantities of historic media data, as well as the most advanced media monitoring technology on the market. The result is insight into both the past and the future.

For example, who said what, and when? Use our Danish and international media archives to research and gain knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. Or, let us design your unique search algorithm to intercept new trends, or monitor what competitors and influencers are saying and doing. For example, who is launching what and when? Or how can we find new knowledge about the things that make your products and services unique?

Our advanced media monitoring and communication analytics help HR managers to understand how their communication influences the company environment – and thus its ability to attract talent.

But our skills extend even further. We can also help with finding the right talent, if this is proving tricky for you or your recruitment agency. Because, maybe the talent is in a completely different place to where you are looking. We can design algorithms that listen for specific words, and will find the needle in the haystack faster. Perhaps from a remote corner of the world?

Being close to clients and their business challenges is the alpha and omega for everyone in the agency and consulting sectors. You need to be on top of the knowledge with the tools to spot trends, mentions, moods and everything that is important to your clients. And, you have to do it across media, platforms, and locations.

Infomedia offers solutions for both agencies and other consultancy companies that need to monitor and understand communication and mentions of their clients – and for their clients. No one has broader or deeper coverage of the market.

Some of the largest public institutions in the Nordic Region feature in the Infomedia client portfolio. We know that effective communication takes place on different terms, and is measured using different parameters than what applies in the biggest private companies.

That’s why we are highly specialized in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing communication across media, for everything from parties and authorities to institutions and regions. We solve even the most specific needs for media monitoring, analytics, and consultancy. And we offer effective tools for the management of important tasks in the daily work of the communications department.

Media Monitoring

We always spot your mentions. Every day. Minute by minute

The broadest monitoring

We offer the broadest coverage of the entire media landscape. Across print, web, social, radio and television. In the Nordic countries and across the world.

The deepest coverage

We dive in deep and cover it right down to the smallest detail. Even behind payment walls. The result is a complete overview, every day. Minute by minute.

The best precision

in creating bespoke media monitoring using advanced search algorithms. This provides you with both a high degree of flexibility and a high level of precision.

Analytics & Insights

We create deeper insight into your communication

The analytics are conducted by experienced analysts, and are based on the broadest and deepest media monitoring on the market. Get the necessary insight using our analytics and dashboards, so that you have a solid foundation for making important decisions.


We turn insights into actions, and actions into results

With us, you will go from having insight into the media to having a bigger influence on your results. We will go a step further to strengthen your communication and your business, and our experienced consultants will help you put in the effort where you’ll get the most out of it.

Digital platforms

Let's take care of your reputation - it’s worth gold

We offer leading technologies for managing social media.


Social Media Management


Hootsuite collects all activity on social media in one bespoke dashboard.
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Social Media Listening


Talkwalker monitors and analyzes all your activity on social media.
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PR Distribution & Analytics


VOCAST is a powerful digital tool for effective PR distribution and anylytics
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Danish media archive

Dive into the largest media archive in Denmark

The Infomedia media archive is the largest online-based archive for media research. Here is where you will find historical news from all Danish media. Such as, who said what and when?

International media archive

Search the world’s largest online news archive

Find anything amongst +7 billion online news articles from almost 200,000 news media around the world, and get inspiration for the development of your communications and business.

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