Social media management with Hootsuite

Plan and publish all your social media content, manage your customer dialogues, and much more, all from one place. Hootsuite is the world’s leading platform for Social Media Management – and we are Hootsuite’s exclusive distributor and solution partner in the Nordic region.


The ultimate platform for social media management

Hootsuite is a leading platform that collects all your activity on social media – from campaigns to customer service – in one bespoke dashboard.

Plan your content​

Save time and effort by uploading and planning your content across social media. Upload everything at once in CSV format, or use the Hootsuite planner.

Manage your content

Create content for all your channels in Hootsuite, create a library of approved and on-brand content, and repost relevant content on your own social media.

Promote your campaigns

Manage promotional campaigns from the same platform that you use for managing your organic content and customer inquiries.

Monitor the mentions

Hear what people are saying about you, your competitors, or their products. Listen directly to relevant hashtags, keywords or profiles in Hootsuite.

Manage all comments​

Respond to posts and comments, easily and simply. Approve responses to ensure quick feedback that reflects your brand personality.

Analyze the impact

Easily create your own reports based on more than 200 variables that measure the impact of your social content across channels, campaigns, and business areas.

Protect your accounts

Protect your brand via easy and secure access to your various social media accounts, which cross-departmental teams can access without problems.

Work safely and avoid errors

Give your colleagues access to the profiles, permissions and networks they need. Use the built-in procedures for approvals and avoid mistakes.

Integrate your own data

Strengthen cross-functional collaboration by integrating your CRM system, email platform or other of the 250+ systems that can be used directly in Hootsuite.

The social media manager's favorite tool

Hootsuite is used by 18 million businesses globally and has been named a leader in 5 categories in Social Media Marketing Software. Including first place in Social Media Management.

Source: The software review site G2

More than 240 integrations

With more than 240 integrations, Hootsuite’s platform supports the most demanding needs to streamline social media management.

Handle any social media activity with Hootsuite


Hootsuite Amplify

Use your colleagues’ social influence, and boost social reach for the company. The ease with which Hootsuite Amplify gives employees the opportunity to share your pre-approved content across their social networks is legendary. Together, their networks are stronger than just your own.

Campaign Planning

Hootsuite Ads

With Hootsuite Ads you can use one platform for your advertising, and save both time and money. Easily create and test hundreds of Facebook, Instagram and Google ads in only a few minutes. And increase your conversions by managing and optimizing audiences, placements and timing, all in one place.


Hootsuite Impact

Hootsuite Impact gives you a better overview of how social media affects sales, so you can demonstrate ROI more easily. Discover which actions you need to focus on to increase the results from your organic and paid content on social media.


Hootsuite Insights

Get to know the feeling of looking into millions of customer conversations in real time, and stay updated on important trends. Hootsuite Insights enables analysis of millions of real time conversations online. For example, find out what customers are doing and feeling.

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We can help you implement Hootsuite so that the platform supports your challenges. We will also make sure that everyone receives the necessary training.

Business case

Regardless of whether you measure success based on leads, messaging or customer satisfaction, Hootsuite can help measure the right KPIs so you know when you are successful.


We map your workflows so that Hootsuite can streamline and optimize work on social media. For social media managers, as well as customer service and other colleagues.


We have successfully implemented Hootsuite in both private and public organizations. It involves an internal anchoring through learning and ongoing training.


Download Hootsuite's Social Trends 2024

Hootsuite predicts the future of social media marketing, social commerce and customer service.

Publish and edit your social content on the go

Publish and edit your social content on the go, and engage your target audiences.  The Hootsuite app works for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

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Hootsuite Amplify makes it easier for your employees to share posts about the company and other relevant topics on social media.

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