International media monitoring

Keep up with the global media landscape with our comprehensive international monitoring of print, social, and broadcast media. We offer coverage of more than 200.000 online media and 100.000 print media globally.


International media monitoring for global business needs

Infomedia offers precise international coverage of your media mentions across media types. Whether your business is national or global, we are ready to keep you updated on your media mentions. 










Radio & podcast

The full media picture. Worldwide

Infomedia provides you with the broadest international media monitoring on the market. Across print, web, social, radio, and TV. In the Nordics and the rest of the world.

Strong global media partnerships

We have strong media partnerships around the world and in-house experts who know the global media landscape – for even the most advanced international needs.

New technology provides high precision

We deliver on your terms and filter out irrelevant information via our unique search technologies and AI algorithms. It provides high flexibility and ultimate precision.


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The right insights at the right time can be worth their weight in gold. With media monitoring, companies and organizations can minimize their risks, nurture reputation, spot key emerging trends, measure their communications and grow their business.

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Get the most accurate overview with more than 200,000 web media from around the world

In addition to our broad international coverage in print, social media, and broadcast, you can access more than 230,000 online news outlets globally. So you can find all the information you need. 

Global sources monitored daily
Countries covered
Articles found on an average day

International media monitoring, statistics, and reporting in one solution

Get instant notifications on your phone and a daily email update. Logon to the media monitoring platform for a full overview of your mentions.

Search across media categories

Easily browse news articles

Set up your own search profiles

See key figures for your performance

See statistics for your mentions

Mark all your mentions with tags and sentiment

Easily filter searches on mentions

Create your own reports

Create alerts and news emails

Receive notifications

Continuous delivery of your media mentions by email, via mobile, and our digital portal.

See all your mentions

Find your media mentions easily via your chosen search profiles and keywords.

Share with colleagues

Share news with colleagues, management, and others who are interested in your media coverage.

Create your own reports

Categorize your mentions and quickly and easily create your own customized reports.

Get statistics and insights

Statistics about your media mentions for deeper insights into the effect of your communication.

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Bring your media monitoring everywhere and get updates in real time

We make it easy for you to stay organized on the go.

Our easy-to-use app gives you a quick overview of all your mentions in media, real-time notifications, and lots of new ways to manage and share news content and insights.

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