Our media analysis gives you valuable insights into your business and the world around you

We provide businesses and organisations with valuable insights into their mentions, reputation, competitors and more using extensive media data and experienced analysts.

It is absolutely crucial that you can plan and execute your communication efforts on the basis of data. Our team of analysts and advisors turn media and reputation analysis into actionable insights to achieve your goals.

Andreas Pedersen,
Lead Analyst, Infomedia Danmark

Our media data, media analyses and analysts give you insight into the world around you

With the help of advanced technology and a deep insight into the media landscape, our analysts put your communication and media mentions into perspective. Here are some of the topics our media analyses provide insight into.

Media analyses

How are you mentioned in the media? Are there regional and/or international differences that affect your performance? Our media analytics provide a deeper insight into different media and media types’ mentions of your key messaging. This gives you even better opportunities to strengthen your communication efforts.

Reputation analyses

Almost everything is about good reputation in a transparent digital age. Our analytics help you gain insight into how you can positively influence your reputation with the right communication in the right places. We create insight into your reputation so you can prioritize the right strategic efforts

Stakeholder analyses

How do your customers, supplies, or stakeholders perceive your company, organization, or brand? How much do your core messages reach different stakeholders, and how are they received? Our stakeholder analytics look at your clout and image among the most important stakeholders.

Competitor analyses

Gain insight into your performance in comparison to your competitors. Our competitor analytics gives you insight into your competitors, their messages, share of voice, mention quality and much more. Is the quality of your mentions better or worse? And how does your image develop in relation to your competitors over time?

Influencer analyses

Who influences the debate about your organization, agendas, products and services? How effectively are your core messages spread? And how do the recipients react when influencers mention you? Gain insight into which actors influence your reputation so that you can strengthen external relations.

Agenda analyses

Whether it is ecology, circular economy, gender equality, or something completely different, we create insight into your most important agendas. We monitor core messages and measure their impact in the media. And we combine the insights gained with other parameters when we map out the effect of your communication.

Campaign and sponsor analyses

Do your campaigns and events result in the right attention and media coverage? Which media and other actors are particularly preoccupied with mentioning you? How far do your campaign messages go and create the results in terms of your specific goals and objectives? Our campaign analytics give you the insights.

Sustainability analyses

Insight is required in order to succeed at communication on sustainable initiatives. We have comprehensive media data on the UN’s World Goals and sustainability in the media. What themes or world goals are on the agenda, and how often are you mentioned in relation to the competitors?

What else do you want to know?

Our analytics provide companies and organizations greater insight into their performance in the media – and how it affects something as important as reputation and customer spending. Contact us to find out more about how we can strengthen your communication and position using our analytics and insights.

Our media analyses document the impact of your PR and communication

Get a clear overview of your PR performance. Our media analyses summarise and put everything into perspective in clear reports and interactive dashboards.

Clear goals and objectives

We have our sharpest focus on your KPIs and results. Our media analytics therefore always reflect whether or not you are on the right track, and what you can do even better.

Overview, insight and actions

Good analytics provide overview and insight that support decision-making. With Infomedia’s media analytics, reporting is done quickly, clearly and in an action-oriented manner.

Useful management reporting

Reporting at the management level requires a focus on a few important things. With our media analytics, you get to the heart of the matter when there is a need for making important decisions.

We also help you here

Every day, we help companies and organisations navigate the world around them more confidently through greater insight into media and their coverage of important issues. Here are a few examples.

Perhaps you see yourself as responsible and innovative. But perhaps you are primarily known for being classic and conservative. Infomedia offers valuable data and insights that allow you to position yourself with the right messages in the right media and channels.

We map media and channels that bring your messages to the target groups. We shed light on the extent to which your messages actually burn through, and we naturally follow up your activities and adjust the strategy until you reach your goal.

Join us for advice if you want a strategic and data-driven approach to optimizing your messages, media and channels.

If you talk about everything, you will be remembered for nothing. Companies that choose their agendas wisely are therefore more successful in being noticed and remembered.

How is your visibility in the media within the agendas that bring you closer to achieving strategic goals?

We have the country’s widest and deepest media coverage and tons of data in stock. We use this to uncover our customers’ position and agendas in the media picture in relation to the competitors. And we put together strategies and plans that ensure that all the most important agendas burn through, so that you are noticed and remembered for what you want.

Demonstrating responsibility in sustainability has become as natural a part of the strategy as the use of digital technology. But what does it mean for your business, position and image when you communicate sustainable messages? And which world goals should you prioritize in your communication efforts in relation to the competitors?

Infomedia is the only one who has the full overview of what fills the sustainable agendas across editorial and social media.

Join us for advice if you want to discuss a sustainable strategy for communication and to measure and optimize until it burns through in the media and with the target groups.

We have offices throughout the Nordic region and offer media data from all over the world news media. It gives us a particularly great knowledge in the choice of media and messages in an international communication landscape. Both in all the editorial and social media.

If your company or organization is looking for new customers, better image or other strategic goal, then join us for advice. We already help large international brands with insights and analyzes from international markets.

Credible communication from employees and spokespersons is essential for both positioning and branding your company or organisation. What do you need to communicate to position yourself – and to whom? We help you activate your knowledge and content through your employees’ own social channels, so you can communicate your key messages more broadly, accurately and credibly.

At Infomedia, we continuously measure how and in which media our customers’ employees and spokespersons are mentioned. This gives us valuable insight to advise you on media strategies for your spokespersons and the ongoing optimisation of your cross-media activities.

Targeted work with data and insight into media and communication can contribute to the development of your business, or organization in many ways. And there have never been more methods to measure whether it moves anything in practice. We help to make your communication efforts measurable and thus effective.

For example, we do not believe in the traditional assumption that a high reach necessarily equals great knowledge. Nor do we believe that a great deal of knowledge necessarily equals great sales.

Join us for advice if you want to identify what you need to measure to shed light on whether your communication efforts affect your strategic business goals.

Your surroundings are constantly watching how you act on social media – or do not act. And your target groups orient and engage primarily here when choosing who they want to buy from, vote for or recommend to others.

It has never been more important to have your tone attuned, your spokespersons dressed and your messages tailored to the target audience. Then your important messages can penetrate in 140 characters and with an army of spectators and judges in the social stands.

We offer both strategic advice and leading technologies that help the largest companies and organizations to listen, analyze and understand messages and dialogues in all social channels.

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