We take responsibility for ourselves and society

Creating clarity in complexity

Infomedia stands as a beacon of transparency in a world brimming with information. Our mission is to cut through the noise of a complex media landscape, providing clear insights for citizens and decision-makers alike. Our strategic use of technology ensures that integrity and clarity remain at the forefront of media communication.

We want to accompany our work for transparency in the media with transparency of our operations and business conduct. On this page, you can read about our specific action areas and how we try to improve ourselves as a responsible business.


We’re committed to a greener planet, actively reducing our carbon footprint through advanced server infrastructure and sustainable IT practices. Noteworthy initiatives include: 

  • Transitioning to energy-efficient hardware in our data storage 
  • Compensating power usage with renewable energy certificates 
  • Rethinking our supply chain and refine our procurement policy 
  • Working with local certifications, i.e. Miljøfyrtårn in Norway 
  • Refurbing and reusing electronic hardware as well as old furniture 

Community Engagement

Our data expertise equips institutions and the public sector with insights to foster an informed society. We provide insights to the public through  

  • Media partnerships, where we help journalists identify and validate new stories: Presselogen (DK), Kampanje (NO), Kommunikationsforum (DK), SustainReport (DK), WatchMedierne (DK) 
  • Presentations and data collaboration on Folkemødet, Arendalsuka, and Almedalsveckan 
  • Partnerships with educational institutions like DMJX, where we help measure gender bias in the media 
  • Providing a bias-free media archive search engine for educational institutions and others 

Inclusive and Healthy Workplaces

Infomedia nurtures a workplace environment where well-being and diversity flourish. Our commitment is demonstrated by: 

  • Regular well-being surveys to monitor and improve employee satisfaction 
  • Clear policies and training to address and prevent workplace stress 
  • Active measures to maintain and celebrate gender and age diversity 

Ethical Governance

We maintain a governance model that embodies fairness and responsibility. Our collaborations are built on mutual respect for labor rights and ethical practices. Key initiatives include: 

  • Adhering to the principles of the UN Global Compact 
  • Conducting comprehensive copyright compliance training 
  • Implementing a whistleblower scheme to uphold our ethical standards 

Social Responsibility

Our responsibility extends beyond business as we engage in philanthropic endeavors and community support, such as: 

  • Annual donations to health and social causes 
  • Hardware reuse through the donation of IT equipment to social causes 
  • Collaborative efforts to improve working conditions in our supply chain 

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