The ultimate in protection on social media and digital channels

The ZeroFOX platform protects you from targeted phishing attacks, brand hijacks, and a wide range of serious threats online.

Protect your information

Your employees are becoming increasingly dependent on external digital platforms to communicate, sell products and more. All these platforms exist outside your own security framework, and therefore your information requires an entirely separate form of protection. ZeroFOX tackles even the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

Protect your organization

The social and digital channels have created completely new threats against organizations. Threats are published on social media, attacks are planned on the “dark web”, and senior management is exposed to phishing, account takeovers, and mimicking. Traditional security tools are not geared towards handling threats, but this is where ZeroFOX steps in and will protect you.

Protect your brands

Jeres omdømme bygges i stigende grad online gennem engagement på sociale medier og digitale kanaler. Når sociale konti og websteder bliver hacket eller kopieret, er det ofte yderst kritisk. ZeroFOX agerer som jeres digitale sikkerhedsagent, der advarer dig, fjerner indlæg, konti og websteder, der skader jeres omdømme.

Be safe with ZeroFOX and Infomedia

Discover how ZeroFOX and Infomedia protect you from threats on the Internet – the world’s largest unsecured network.

Companies are totally dependent on email, social media, and other digital communication platforms to run their business. The advanced ZeroFOX AI technology identifies and addresses phishing and malware-based attacks across platforms as diverse as Office 365, G-suite, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Building a crowd of committed followers on social media is one of the cornerstones in the creation of strong brands. However, at an increasing rate, malicious forces are gaining access to your social accounts, and posting compromising content – and in the worst cases, taking over your accounts. The ZeroFOX account locking technology protects Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts – and therefore, the channels important to your reputation management.

False social profiles, domains, and emails are central elements in almost all cyberattacks. The attackers use these activities to launch phishing campaigns publishing fake content about your business, people, and brands. The advanced image analysis and imitation removal technology from ZeroFOX automatically eradicates fake domains, social profiles, and imitations, before they harm your company.

With an increasing number of cybercriminals hacking and sharing stolen data, it’s important to protect your organization and customers from digital intrusions and information leaks. ZeroFOX detects signs of information leakage and identifies the perpetrators. Regardless of whether it is internal or external. The platform delivers automatic warnings when sensitive data may be leaked or stolen from your organization.

Cybercriminals often attack companies using fake emails, in which they pretend to be a high profile person in your company. The purpose is to deceive employees, customers and partners into sending money, paying fake invoices, or disclosing sensitive data. This is an increasing threat, as most existing email security solutions are not geared to warding off these attacks. ZeroFOX identifies email mimicking and informs you with warnings.

In an online shopping age, attackers use fake domains and social accounts to market and sell pirated content, as well as fake or stolen goods. ZeroFOX protects your reputation by ensuring that your customers receive the real thing when shopping online. The AI technology of the platform finds counterfeits across marketplaces and the dark web, and removes fake content, fake products, and unauthorized resellers before they reach your customers.

ZeroFOX gives you a better night’s sleep

Companies & Organizations

With one complete platform and powerful integrations, ZeroFOX solves a wide range of security challenges for companies and organizations. ZeroFOX keeps a close eye on the activities happening throughout your entire business ecosystem, and identifies potential threats before they harm your business, customers, partners, and employees. Using the ZeroFOX AI-powered analytical tools, you can find and address targeted threats to your organization and people, in real time, and create user-defined custom rules that will automatically remove these threats.

Senior management & VIPs

Management and VIPs are at particular risk of digital attack. The attackers often abuse their knowledge, influence, and reputation using mimicking on social media. This includes taking over their accounts, as well as email attacks to obtain and disclose sensitive information, and to get victims to perform critical actions. ZeroFOX enables you to protect your senior management and other VIPs, by quickly identifying and destroying both virtual/digital, and physical risks across the publicly available channels used by your organization.


Protect your brand, your hard-earned reputation, and loyal customers across social and digital channels and platforms. ZeroFOX Brand Protection secures your organization against critical issues, for example, brand copies and scams targeted at your customers through misuse of your brands, messaging, and product images. ZeroFOX Brand Protection helps brand managers, as well as marketing and security teams, to identify and reduce external threats to their reputation, brands, and customer relationships.

Web & Email

Your website and social channels are often the first places where customers engage with your company. However, scammers can exploit your organization online, and on social media, by mimicking your domain and email addresses. The purpose is to trick unsuspecting users into thinking they are interacting with your brand. Using ZeroFOX, you can protect websites, brands, and other intellectual property rights by identifying and eliminating domain hackers and phishing campaigns targeted at your customers and employees.

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Infomedia + ZeroFOX

Vi implementerer ZeroFOX, så platformen understøtter jeres udfordringer – og vi sørger for, at alle får den nødvendige træning

Risks & Workflows

We map your workflows, so ZeroFOX can streamline and optimize your work on digital risk monitoring and management of threats from social and digital channels.

Business case

We will give you a clear picture of what ZeroFOX can do for your company, and what you can earn and save with implementation of the platform.

Setup & Training

We will help you with the setup of ZeroFOX so the platform supports your work across teams, and we will ensure that everyone receives the necessary training.

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