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Efficient social media management with Hootsuite Enterprise

Follow, engage and reach users, fans, and critics on over 65 social media channels, using Hootsuite Enterprise – an all-inclusive solution for social media management.

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What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a comprehensive platform that enables you to gather your cumulative effort on social media.



Follow relevant subjects and conversations with monitoring of social media.


Understand and report on the effect of your effort with social media analysis tools.


Defend your reputation, brand and accounts with integrated security functions.


Plan content across all you social media.


Find, adjust and share stories, pictures and other content from social media.


Make collaboration a game with flexible opportunities to create and approve of content.

Find influencers

Strengthen your brand through collaboration with relevant influencers.

Apps and integrations

Make social media an integrated part of your business with more than 150 integrations and apps.

Handle all of your social media in one dashboard

Hootsuite is a complete platform that gives you the opportunity to gather all of your effort on social media on one tailor-made dashboard.

Skræddersy dit eget dashboard

You decide how your dashboard should look, and you can create tailor-made dashboards for each department.

Planlæg og udgiv content

In Hootsuite, you can plan and publish content to your profiles and pages, monitor conversations and subjects, and respond to comments and direct messages.

Automated optimization of Facebook ads

Effective advertisement on social media can quickly feel out of hand. It requires an ongoing test of communication and optimisation of content.

User-friendly interface

With Hootsuite Ads, you can control all of your advertisement account at Facebook in one easy and manageable interface.

Test up to 50 variations

You can let Hootsuite Ads optimise your advertisements automatically. And you can test up to 50 variations of your ads with one click, without having to set up each of them manually.

Reach more people on social media with employee advocacy

Social selling gives up to 20% more leads, and employee advocacy is an invaluable tool if you want to get started with social selling.

Digital ambassadors

Employee advocacy makes the company’s employees digital ambassadors by sharing relevant content on their own social channels.

Brand credibility

That increases the credibility of your brand and increases the reach of your content. Our app for employee advocacy makes it easy to control the process.

Show the value of social media with social ROI

Create transparency in large amounts of data and achieve a comprehensive view of the most important key numbers across social media platforms, enabling you to calculate the actual value of your effort on social media.

Integrate with Google Analytics

Hootsuite combines data from Google Analytics, ads and the like in a comprehensive view that shows how social has assisted the final conversion.

Monitor and react to online coverage of your brand and your products

Monitoring of social media, known also as social listening, is a critical part of any social media strategy.


For marketing, it is an opportunity to listen to reactions to your campaigns and products, spot trends, and identify influencers you can collaborate with.

Customer service

For customer service it is an opportunity t react to negative coverage and put out fires before they develop into a shitstorm.

Why choose Infomedia as partner?

We help you set up Hootsuite in a way that supports you work across teams, and we makes sure that everyone receives the necessary training.

Charting workflows

We chart your workflows so Hootsuite can streamline and optimise your work with social media – whether you are a social media manager or work in customer service.

Setup and training

We help you set up Hootsuite in a way that supports you work across teams, and we makes sure that everyone receives the necessary training.

Measurement of the right KPIs

Whether you measure leads, communication or customer satisfaction, Hootsuite can help you measure the right KPIs so you know whether you are successful.

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