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Who said what and when? Infomedia’s media archive gives you the answers. Subscribe and get access to search in millions of articles from Danish print and digital news media.


Search Denmark's largest media archive

Infomedia’s media archive is Denmark’s largest media archive with articles dating back to 1990.

2500+ sources
Every day, Infomedia’s media archive retrieves content from more than 2,500 sources distributed on both web and print media.

75+ mio. Articles
The media archive currently contains more than 75 million articles from nationwide, local and niche media – printed and online.

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Search among all nationwide, regional and local daily newspapers, local weekly newspapers, trade journals and magazines, news agencies, web media and radio and television broadcasts.

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Get an overview of everything from business to political or cultural topics. Search various time intervals, topics, source groups and media.

Discover new potential

For example, find new leads to search for new offices that have been opened near your company, or new employees within the industry you trade with.

Optimize press activities

Get an overview of what has been previously written about topics that are relevant to you and get inspiration for new media that will be relevant to your PR stories.

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Educational institutions access to the media archive must be ordered through their respective organizations.


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