Infomedia’s annual results 2022

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Infomedia realized revenue of DKK 225.3 million compared to DKK 215.7 million in 2021, with growth coming primarily from activities in Denmark, Norway, and the software company Opoint. Profit before tax was DKK 4.2 million in 2022 compared to DKK 12.2 million in 2021, reflecting a more conservative market and investments in product and technology platforms and organizational adjustments.

“The growth is satisfactory in a year that was initially still characterized by COVID-19 and later by a more turbulent market with high inflation and rising costs, resulting in lower activity in selected industries,” says CEO Thomas Vejlemand, referring to good progress in Denmark and Norway and for the subsidiary Opoint.

At the same time, Thomas Vejlemand emphasizes that the operating result in isolation does not meet expectations.

“The result reflects that we have implemented measures to reduce costs concerning an impacted market situation. At the same time, we have maintained investments in Norwegian and Swedish market development, invested in larger international tenders, and invested in digital transformation and product and technology programs,” says Thomas Vejlemand.

In July 2022, Infomedia acquired 23% of the technology company MediaCatch, which represents an investment in new technology for monitoring text, audio, and images, including logo and facial recognition. The technology is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and will enhance Infomedia’s broadcast and social media monitoring through new Nordic language models, with the Danish version already in use.

“The investment supports the strategy to deliver best-in-class media monitoring with a focus on data-driven PR and communication insights in the Nordics and internationally,” concludes CEO Thomas Vejlemand.

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Thomas Vejlemand, CEO
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Anders Heering, Chairman of the Board and CEO of JP/Politikens Erhvervsmedier
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About Infomedia

Infomedia is the leading media intelligence provider in the Nordics, delivering media monitoring, media analytics, communication insights, and social media management software. Our products and services give all businesses deeper insight into their communication and reputation across news and social media locally and internationally.

Infomedia owns the technology company Opoint 100%, which, with its web crawling technology, delivers news feeds to media monitoring and IT companies internationally. We are also the exclusive distributor of software from Talkwalker and Hootsuite, both international social media monitoring and management software companies.

Infomedia is owned by JP/Politikens Hus and Berlingske Media and has approximately 250 employees in offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, and Tallinn, as well as a sales office in London and Houston for the subsidiary Opoint.