Infomedia’s annual result 2023

Infomedia realized revenue of DKK 240.5 million in 2023 compared to DKK 225.3 million in 2022, with growth coming from activities in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the software company Opoint. Profit before tax was DKK 11.5 million in 2023 compared to DKK 4.2 million in 2022, reflecting strategic progress and better utilization of new technologies.

During the year, Infomedia continued to invest in developing its Nordic product and technology platform, which included implementing new language models from MediaCatch, which has raised the quality of Infomedia’s broadcast monitoring in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.

The operating result is Infomedia’s best, and the growth was due to optimization initiatives, good performance across all markets, and increased sales of web crawling services in the subsidiary Opoint.

“We are very proud to present the best operating result in Infomedia’s history,” says newly appointed CEO Martin Ove Rasmussen. “This is proof of our strong position in the market and the ability of our skilled employees to deliver great value to our customers.”

In May 2023, Infomedia opened an office in Helsinki. During the year, the company invested more in developing capabilities and new technologies for producing comprehensive media data analytics.

“The investment supports our strategy to deliver best-in-class media intelligence solutions focusing on data-driven PR and communication insights in the Nordics and internationally,” concludes CEO Martin Ove Rasmussen.

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Martin Ove Rasmussen
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Anders Heering
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director for JP/Politikens Erhvervsmedier
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About Infomedia

The Infomedia Group develops, operates, and advises on digital solutions for Media Intelligence through media monitoring, media analysis, and communication insights. The Group aims to be the preferred supplier to companies and organizations in the Nordic region and support customers’ insight into communication and reputation across news media and social media both locally and internationally. Infomedia is increasingly involved in international tenders. The subsidiary Opoint delivers web feeds with crawling technology to media monitoring and IT companies internationally.

Infomedia has 220 employees in offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, and Tallinn. It also owns the technology company Opoint, which has a sales office in London. Infomedia was founded in 2002 and is owned 50/50 by Denmark’s two largest media houses, JP/Politikens Hus and Berlingske Media.

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