Hootsuite acquires Talkwalker

In a press release on 8 April 2024, Hootsuite announced that they had acquired Talkwalker and their leading social media listening and analysis platform. The acquisition is significant in the media intelligence industry. It provides new opportunities for Infomedia and our customers, who now have a single platform for social media management.

For almost nine years, Infomedia has been the exclusive reseller and solution partner in the Nordic region for both Hootsuite and Talkwalker, and we are proud to deliver business-critical solutions within social media management and social media insights.

With the merger between Hootsuite and Talkwalker, we see significant opportunities for our customers:

  • We can bring all social media work together in one platform.
  • Our customers can listen on social media and distribute content from one platform.
  • Our customers can save a lot of time on social media work, and users of the Hootsuite/Talkwalker platform get deeper insights and greater impact from their work.
  • Users get the most powerful AI-based social media platform to benefit everyone, from the PR, communications, and social media teams to marketing and sales.

Hootsuite CEO Irina Novoselsky says:

“We have had listening for years. But it was industry standard, just like everyone else’s. While that worked then, the industry is entering a new era of social media performance. To achieve this, we’re building a social media performance engine, a feedback loop where AI takes consumer data and generates insights for actionable strategies and measurable impact. The combination of social listening’s best insights technology, Talkwalker, brought into Hootsuite, will leapfrog the industry into the future of social marketing.”

The merger will bring positive changes for Talkwalker and Hootsuite customers, who can look forward to an even stronger platform with a strong focus on development, optimization, and smart use of artificial intelligence.

“Hootsuite’s acquisition of Talkwalker is an exciting strategic decision. Infomedia will now have even better opportunities to offer customers coherent business-critical solutions for both monitoring and creating insights in social media and for managing communication and marketing across social channels,” says Infomedia’s Nordic Head of Partnerships, Laurits Læssø Macel.

Read more about Hootsuite’s acquisition of Talkwalker.

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Head of Partnerships & Solutions, Nordics

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