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Create results on social media with the right strategy

From social data to insights and actionable advice – we help you make the right decisions and act strategically, based on data and insights from social media rather than gut feeling.

From social data to insights

Our social media analyses gives you insight into how people talk about your company or your brand.

Document the ROI

We help you evaluate and document the effect of your own activity as well as the activity among customers and other stakeholders. That gives a solid foundation on which to build, target or optimise your communication across social media platforms.

Among other things, you can gain knowledge of how:

  • your customers and other stakeholders talk about your company or your brand
  • you can measure the effect of your own effort as well as your customers and activity across social media platforms
  • your brand or your company performs compared to competitors and a specific industry or subject area

Take advantage of synergy effects across social media platforms

With our social data and insight into editorial media as a starting point, we help you to get more out of your effort on social media by giving you insight into how content and news are spread across media and what you can do to take advantage of synergy effects across platforms.

Among other things, we help you to:

  • chart subjects and agendas across social and editorial media
  • analyse how news and content are shared across platforms
  • identify the most important influencers across media

From insights to data-driven advice

We tailor programmes and workshops to your needs that will equip you to work strategically with social media across the organisation.

Among other things, we offer consultancy on how you can:

  • set up business objectives for social media
  • develop content based on social data and insight into your customers’ behaviour on social media
  • build a stronger relation to your customers on social meda
  • listen to your customers’ needs by monitoring social media
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