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Achieve full visibility and protect what matters most

With a global data collection engine, artificial intelligence-based analysis, and automated remediation, the ZeroFOX Platform protects you from cyber, brand and physical threats on social media & digital platforms.

Gain Visibility

Immediately see beyond your perimeter to catch more threats faster, before they impact your business & employees.

Automate Protection

Dramatically reduce your risk with artificial intelligence-driven analysis, custom policies rules, role-based administration, and robust analytics.

Ensure Control

Eliminate costly, time-intensive threat hunting, manual remediation and data coverage gaps that leave you and your organization exposed.

The ZeroFOX platform

Everything in one dashboard

In the ZeroFOX Platform, authenticate any socialmedia pages that matter to your organization, including Facebook pages (including locationsand product pages), Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts. ZeroFOX will ingest any posts to your page and comments on photos or posts.

Establish politics and rules

Leverage any or all of ZeroFOX’s default rules, and immediately see value by removing racial slurs, profanity, credit card numbers, malicious links, scams and more.

Get alerts that matter to you

Fine tune the alerting logic with FoxScripts, an open scripting language that opens the power of the ZeroFOX Platform to nearly any use case. Get alerts and enforce page protection for organization-specific risks that matter most to you.

Manage in real-time

Immediatly take action on offending posts by hiding or removing content, or blocking offending users. This prevents these perpetrators from posting in the future and deletes all of their previous posts. All actions are enforced immediately, enabling page owners to establish set-it-and-forget-it protection and controls.

Not just another listening tool

Many marketing teams correctly identify some broad similarities between the ZeroFOX Platform and social listening tools. Although they function similarly at a high level ingesting social media data at scale and analyzing it their purpose, goals and value is radically different.

ZeroFOX is built for information security, brand, and fraud teams to identify and remediate specific information security or business risks such as phishing, account takeover, impersonations, scams, fraudulent accounts, threats of violence and more – while social listening tools are built to collectively analyze public social media data for sentiment.

ZeroFOX Platform Social Listening Tools
Primary user Secruity, marketing, risk & fraud Marketing
Drill down to individual post? Yes No
Collective sentiment analysis? No Yes
Identifies malicious links? Yes No
Identify threaths of violence? Yes No
Identify scams? Yes No
Integrate into security infrastructure? Yes No
Remediation Yes No
Support for domains? Yes No
Support for app stores? Yes No
Protect accounts from takeover? Yes No
Account locking? Yes No
Support for deep web (poste sites, forums, etc.)? Yes No
Automatically remediate offensive content? Yes No


1. Define what's important

Enable tailored global data collection around the people, organizations, locations, domains and assets that matter most to your company to identify risks and threats. Dig into your social footprint using the cross-network Discovery tool.

2. Customize policies

With a variety of intelligence analysis rulesets, ZeroFOX provides out-of-the-box support for some of the toughest security challenges on social media and digital platforms with unique machine learning classifiers and proprietary analyst FoxScripts. Turn on and off any rules at any time and write your own FoxScripts, making virtually every use case solvable.

3. Protect against social and digital threats

ZeroFOX continuously collects and analyzes content as security risks change in the dynamic social media & digital landscape. Stay on top of new risks to your business, people and products the moment they emerge and ensure your organization is prepared and protected.

4. Alert on risks & remediate

Automatically receive real-time alerts as the platform identifies risks to your organization. Each alert comes packaged with threat metadata, network context and perpetrator details.

5. Stop targeted attacks

ZeroFOX works on your behalf to directly remove content, profiles, and accounts that violate the terms of service of the social media and digital platforms. ZeroFOX ensures that all remediation is done without you or your team ever lifting a finger.

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