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Intelligent social listening

They are talking about your brand, products, and competitors –  are you listening? Use social listening to monitor conversations and mentions of your business, brand, and products.  Or use social listening to spot trends and identify influencers.

Intelligent social listening

De taler om dit brand, dine produkter og dine konkurrenter. Lytter du? Brug overvågning af sociale medier til at følge med i, hvad der bliver sagt om jeres virksomhed, varemærker, branche og produkter. Eller udnyt social listening til at spotte trends eller identificere relevante influencers.

Monitor coversations on social media

Listen to what customers, competitors and others say about your brand, industry and products, so you can react quickly and easily with relevant answers.

Focus your communication with actionable insights

With monitoring of social media you can get insight that tell you what your customers and potential customers really think about you – and that helps to sharpen the focus of your communication so you can hit your target audience with messages that matter.

Measure the ROI of your campaigns on social media

The effect of campaigns is often only measure when the campaign is over and the money spent. With social listening, you can measure the effect continuously and optimise your communication on social media to fit your needs. In this way, you can save both time and money.

Compare and benchmark data

With our tools for social media monitoring, you can compare data from customer service or sales with data and insight from social media. This can give you a bird’s eye view of the direct effect of the campaign.

Benchmark against your competitors

Engagement is an important parameter for most social media strategies. With our social listening tools you can compare your effort with your competition.

Mål share of voice

You get a picture of who controls the conversation on social media and you can see share of voice in current debates. You get an overview of who takes up the most space in current agendas and who gets the most engagement in your industry or which potential influencers are talking about you.

Custom configuration

Our experts translate your needs to relevant searches in our social listening tools. They can be used by the management, which needs a comprehensive view, and by social media managers, who need to dive deep into the data.

Setup and training

It is important to us that you get as much as possible out of your social media monitoring tool. Therefore, we design a training programme that fits your organisation. You will get training in social listening and how it can be used across your organisation.

Ongoing assistance

You have ongoing contact with our social media and social listening experts, who will advise you on new opportunities and give you tips on how to create better results with help from your social media monitoring.

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