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Advertising on social media using Hootsuite Ads

Boost your ads on Instagram and Facebook using automated optimization build into Hootsuite Ads, a full system for managing your Facebook ads.

Optimize your Facebook ads

Set up, test and adjust hundreds of variations of your Facebook and Instagram advertisements in a few minutes.

Automated optimization

Hootsuite Ads makes it easy to optimise you advertisements with automatic rules.

Test up to 50 varitations

The built-in functionality makes it possible to make up to 50 variations of the same advertisement, so you can easily test different creatives and messages.

Get the most out of your advertising budget

No more overspending to get the desired result. Hootsuite Ads makes it easy to automatically redistribute money from advertisements that do not give results to those that do.

Only follow and report on the metrics that make sense

In Hootsuite Ads, you can easily identify the advertisements that perform the best. With access to all relevant data, you can measure the effect of the advertisement on the target audience.

Create custom reports

You can export data to Excel or set up tailor-made PDF reports that you can share with the management and the rest of the organisation.

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