Mobile News

Take your media monitoring with you on your cell phone

Get your media monitoring in your pocket, with automatic notification of new mentions, so you stay ahead, regardless of time and place.


Get all media mentions on your smartphone

Infomedia Mobile News gives access to your entire media monitoring portfolio on your smartphone. This will keep you up to date with the mentions that are the most important to you, no matter where you may be.

You can access the articles just like in your email, so you can follow what happens, when it happens. Infomedia Mobile News is easy to navigate, and gives you an overview while on the go.

Real time notifications keep you up to date, 24/7

Our automatic notifications keep you updated, so you are always one step ahead, and can respond immediately. You decide which notifications you want to receive – and for which period of time.


Download Mobile News​

If you are an Infomedia client, you can download and use the Infomedia Mobile News today – at no extra cost. If you are not yet a client, contact us to hear more about media monitoring.

Want to know more about media monitoring on your smartphone?

Contact us to hear more about the many Infomedia media monitoring options.

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