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Boost your results on social media with employee advocacy

Turn your employees into digital ambassadors for your business by sharing relevant content on social media; an efficient way to work with brand advocacy and social selling.

Increased reach and credibility

Make it easy for your employees to share approved content across their own channels and increase the company’s reach and credibility on social media.

Keep control of your brand and messages

When you prepare content that the employees can freely share on social media, you ensure that the message is clear and fits your brand.

Let your employees share pre-approved content

With Hootsuite Amplify, they will have access to a feed of approved content that can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Strengthen your sales team with social selling

With social selling, your sales team can generate leads and increase turnover. With Hootsuite Amplify’s intuitive app, you sales consultants can stay up to date and share relevant content that can open new doors while they are on the go.

Social selling generates more leads

Social selling gives up to 20% more leads and conversions, and you can support and enable your sales consultants to build strong networks on social media.

Get your CEO started on social media

Top executives can create a strong brand with social media and help to shape the agenda.

Executive overview

Hootsuite Amplify makes it easy for your management to get a comprehensive view and share relevant content on a busy day.

Adapt to individual needs

You can adapt and push content to your CEO, CMO or CFO, who can share on the channels where he or she wishes to be accessible with a couple of clicks.

Build trust, nurture relations, and increase your credibility

Your employees increase your trust every time they share relevant content on their own social channels.


more engagement from employee content


of the employee’s followers are new for the business


more shares of employee shared content

Beregn værdien af employee advocacy for din virksomhed

Indtast antallet af følgere på din virksomheds sociale kanaler herunder.

# of employees

Virksomhedens reach:


Virksomhedens potentielle reach med employee advocacy:


Jeres ansatte har i gennemsnit 200 venner på Facebook, 240 forbindelser på LinkedIn og 60 følgere på Twitter.

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