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Global media insights based on the markets best coverage

We set the scope of your media analysis together with you; ensuring that the analysis fits your company strategy and goals.

We deliver media analyses based on the best media coverage on the market, both within and outside of Denmark. All our analyses also draw on our analysts’ solid experience with structuring, monitoring and analysing the newsstream. That way, you are sure that the background for your data is always in order – from each analysis to the full communications report.

Document your media effort

A traditional media analysis builds upon quantitative data and help you to get a comprehensive view of your coverage in the media. You can for example get:

  • estimated advertisement value
  • regional distribution
  • type of media

Through our online analysis, you get your key numbers on a running basis, and you can download graphs and key numbers for reports.

Create benchmarks

Get a benchmark of the media coverage of you and your competitors, brands or spokespeople. That gives you a great starting point to measure how you are doing in the media.

Know your agenda before you participate in the debate

Get an overview of the current agendas that are of strategic importance to your company and how you and your team and opponents are doing in it.

We point out potential alliances and advises you about how to position yourself in a debate to get the most impact.

Take advantage of synergies across media

It is not unimportant whether your story spreads to social media or editorial media has found a story on Facebook. We have a lot of experience with creating insight across media, so you can have more insight in the spread of your coverage.

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